Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers.

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is in all respects a server except that it is only a 'part' of a whole server.
A single high specification server can host multiple Virtual Servers which will allow each VPS to share the available resources such as CPU or Memory.
A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system which allows you full administrator access to install and remove programs as you wish.
Each virtual server has its own private section of the main servers hard drive allowing you to store your data safely.

Why use a Virtual Private Server?

A VPS gives you the freedom to have your own server on the internet, but a you are sharing some of the resources with other Virtual Servers on the same physical host the overall cost is reduced.
If you have outgrown a shared hosting platform and now think its time that your site was on its own server then a VPS could be the best place to start as you can built your own webserver with eMail services and database.
You are able to control your own security. From the firewall to virus checking its all up to you.

Whats the downside?

redIT only offer Linux based VPS this means that if you don't know how to use and setup one of the Linux systems that we offer you may find that you get overwhelmed quickly.
Our support staff will help you secure your VPS but we will not go any further than a basic firewall configuration.

What do I get with redIT?

- Complete control or your VPS:
  • You can install any of our currently available Linux Operating systems on your VPS as many times as you wish.
  • You have full root/administrator access to your VPS.
  • You can install any package on your VPS that you need.
- Excellent performance:
  • All of our VPS Host Servers use Dell Hardware.
  • All of our VPS Host Servers are located in Hampshire, England.
- UK-based support team.
- VPS are up and running in minutes after payment.


99% Uptime

All of our network is covered by our Uptime guarantee and all maintenance is pre announced.

Upgrade anytime

If you need to upgrade your servers CPU or Memory simply pay the difference anytime.

UK Data Centers

All of our services are hosted in secure data centers in Hampshire, England.

Enterprise Hardware

We use Enterprise Hardware in all of our services so you get the best performance and reliability.

Operating Systems

Either use one of our available installation images, or we can install an Operating System of your choice once you have supplied any License key.
Below are the Operating Systems that we have native images available for:

The CentOS Linux distribution is a stable, manageable and reproducible platform derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Debian is a Unix-like operating system that is composed entirely of free software and packaged by a group of individuals from the Debian Project.

Fedora is a Unix-like operating system based on the Linux kernel and GNU programs, developed by the community-supported Fedora Project.

openSUSE, is a Linux-based project and distribution sponsored by SUSE Linux GmbH and others. It is widely used throughout the world.

Ubuntu is an open source operating system for computers. It is a Linux distribution based on the Debian architecture.

If you can provide a download link to an ISO file we can then add this to our collection of other installable images.


Your Virtual Server will be available for you to use as soon as the first payment has been processed.
The automated process will configure your server with your required Operating System for you. If however, you are installing from one of our available ISO images your will need to compete the installation process yourself via the VNC terminal.
You can change any of the specification options anytime you need to via the redIT Customer Portal.
Were sorry but at the moment this is just something that we are not able to do on our Virtual Server platform.
You may want to have a look at our Dedicated Servers page instead.
Yes we can.
We can help you secure your Virtual Server to a basic level allowing you full access and your users access to the services that they need.